"We approach Villa I Morulli through a beautiful drive of horse chestnut trees surrounded by green lawns and tall trees that hide it from the street. Situated in a lush green valley and sheltered from winds on the front facade offers the serene spectacle of the Lastra Valley below. The view is framed by a long romantic series of arches and columns with climbing roses at the bottom of a terraced garden. It is a magnificent country villa of the seventeenth century whose dramatic aspect is accentuated by the stunning loggia overlooking the front garden and the valley. The tower, the orangerie, a small private chapel and the imposing stone family crest of Medici and Guasconi on the high corner face the driveway surrounded by the lush 19 hectares of terrain give Villa I Morulli a resplendent air of grace and charm of bygone centuries that can still be experienced today in its entirety. It is probable that Ottaviano de Medici who married Selvaggia d'Alesandro Guasconi placed the precious stone crest on the corner of the villa. The entire property was part of the great possession of the Pazzi family after the conspiracy against Lorenzo and Giuliano de Medici ended in 1478 when everything was confiscated by the rebels officers. In 1652 Maria Isabella de Medici left the property in inheritance to the children of Roberto Papi whose descendants owned it until 1807 when Bernardo Papi. He then sold it to Marchese Giulio Cesare Bertolini. In 1849 Villa I Morulli came into inheritance to the Marchesi Carrega principi di Lucedio, the owners to the present day."

Giulio Cesare Lensi Orlandi Cardini

Villa I Morulli